Dr Carolyn Orr on Climate Change, Fossil Fuels and Health | Ask an expert #002

June 14, 2022

Genus Co-Founder Jon Owen interviews Dr Carolyn Orr, a Medical Doctor and Neurologist from Western Australia.

In this interview, Jon and Dr Orr discuss Climate Change – what it is, what causes it and what the effects of it are. They discuss the clear evidence from her work as a medical doctor that climate change is having a direct impact on human health.  Dr Orr suggests that the key driver of climate change is society's addiction to fossil fuels. The link is then compellingly made that the use fossil fuels is directly impacting human health at a level that is truly shocking.

They then go on to discuss what people can do to live more sustainably, suggesting that personal responsibility can have a much bigger impact than we imagine.

Watch this video if you are interested in climate change, the environment, living sustainably, and the effects of fossil fuels. This is great content for school discussions and projects, or for those who wants to learn more about why fossil fuels are so dangerous. Dr Orr is incredibly smart, her opinions are very compelling and backed by science, and her commitment is inspirational. If knowledge is power, you will be superhuman after watching this!

Jon Owen
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