Teaching with Impact

FREE to schools for 2023, Genus is a new way to teach sustainability in the classroom. Curriculum-aligned resources that reinforce learning with practical activities that will have a positive impact on the planet and your students.
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Easy and engaging
As well as your portal to all-things sustainability, Genus is a time-saving tool. Use our search and filter functions to simply find and download lesson resources, whether that’s following a full topic like fossil fuels end-to-end, or picking a quick and engaging activity to drop into an existing lesson plan.
Direct impact
All Genus resources have direct, measurable impact that helps the planet. This means you can quantify your student, class and school impact and report it to your stakeholders. Imagine being the number one school for sustainability in the state!
Curriculum aligned
Genus aligns to all state and national curriculums, so teachers no longer have to choose between curriculum and planet. Our resources meet learning objectives for many Key Learning Areas. They are created by teachers and peer-reviewed for quality.
Resource library
Genus has an extensive library of resources so schools can commit to sustainability in the classroom over the long term.
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Why Genus?
Teach your students how to think and act sustainably
Have a positive impact on the planet and cover the curriculum at the same time
Outcomes-focussed and designed by teachers, for teachers
Save money on bills and make your school a sustainability champion
Practical activities and group projects that reinforce classroom learning
Set engaging homework that helps the planet
How much does Genus Cost?

For academic year 2023, Genus is completely free to all schools.

How does Genus help the planet?

Our mission is to develop a generation of young people that think instinctively and acts decisively for the planet. Each action taken with Genus has a measurable, positive impact on the planet.  We provide a framework that promotes critical thinking about sustainability, through understanding the issues and considering practical solutions. By developing students' ability to consider real-world implications for their actions, Genus develops personal responsibility and drives positive behaviour changes, that also reinforce classroom learning.

What is Sustainability?

As the Australian Curriculum states, sustainability "addresses the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life". In the Genus platform, we take a holistic approach to sustainability. We break the topic into 4 key areas – Cause of Climate Change; Waste Reduction; Endangered Species; Threatened Ecosystems. By covering these 4 areas in each year, the fundamentals of sustainability are considered independently, as well as interdependently.

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