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As well as the Make Wasty Tasty missions, we also have classroom resources for primary school years 3-6, providing educators with engaging lessons on food waste and sustainability!
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As well as helping reduce food waste in schools, you'll also earn Genus impact points, which will help you level up through the Genus awards.

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Food Waste At Home

of food is wasted in Australian households every year ¹
That equates to an average of 245 kg of food waste per household.
Research² has shown that when kids help prepare their school lunches and play a role in deciding what goes in, less food is wasted. So the more we can get them involved, the more food we can save from heading to our landfills.
¹ Estimate based on 9.8m households in Australia (ABS 2021) and NFWS Feasibility Study Dashboard (FIAL 2021)
² https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35149403/
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Love Food Hate Waste is an education program focussing on food waste avoidance by changing behaviours and increasing knowledge and awareness. It was developed in the UK and has been used under licence in NSW since 2010. LFHW has four platforms for action - grants, knowledge building, community awareness and partnerships.