Discover leftovers that could be used for your lunchbox
Leftovers can make for a yummy lunchbox. Have a look around, get creative and see what you can rescue from the fridge!

What to Do


Have a good look around for leftovers in your kitchen - the best place to start is the fridge!


Speak to the others in your house about the leftovers you’d like in your lunchbox, see if they agree.


Get those yummy leftovers into your lunchbox - add them to sandwiches, put them in pasta, or just chuck them in as they are!


Tell your friends how good your food is as you eat like a legend in school! 


Send us some photos of your delicious leftover lunch box and tell us what you saved from the bin - well done!


Take a photo and click COMPLETE MISSION to earn your impact points. Remember to post a picture on Facebook and Instagram - use the hashtag #MakeWastyTasty

How This Helps

When we shop for groceries, so much of the food that we buy is thrown away. We often buy more than we need, and this is usually because we're just guessing what we’ll eat over the next week. If we plan what we buy, it will not only save money, but will reduce the amount of good food that we throw away and help protect the environment. Win-win!

For Schools

All of the Make Wasty tasty missions can also be run as lessons in the classrooms. Giving teachers an easy way to get help Make Wasty Tasty at school!
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