Get creative and turn your lunchbox into art!
This is a great little mission if you like drawing. Think about what you want to eat at school, and turn it into art - make it beautiful (and healthy!)

What to Do


Get yourself some paper and some bright pencils or felt pens - if you want to save paper, use an electronic device you can draw on.


Draw your lunch box (a top view is best). If you have compartments or layers, remember to draw those.


Dream your best food dreams and get creative! Fill your lunchbox with your wildest food dreams using commonly wasted foods - Bread, meat, cheese, salad, fruit, vegetables. Try to keep it healthy, too - lots of different coloured foods is a good way to go.


Share it with mum, dad, or whoever buys your food and convince them this will make sure you get a balanced diet and will waste less food (it will save them money too!). As always, share your beautiful picture with us too! 


Take a photo and click COMPLETE MISSION to earn your impact points. Remember to post a picture on Facebook and Instagram - use the hashtag #MakeWastyTasty

How This Helps

Knowing what you want gets you one step closer to having it! If you can choose the food that goes into your lunch box, you are more likely to eat it and that means you’ll throw less away. If you’re smart about this mission, you’ll eat healthy, eat yummy, and save money, because less food is being thrown away. Who could say no to that?

For Schools

All of the Make Wasty tasty missions can also be run as lessons in the classrooms. Giving teachers an easy way to get help Make Wasty Tasty at school!
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