The next generation of planet protection.

Genus is a brand new way for young people to save the planet. By blending online fun with real-world missions, this revolutionary new platform empowers the next generation to build a brighter, more sustainable future.
Ready to level-up?
Enter an immersive world as a Genus Agent, where your mission is to literally save the planet! Genus will set you on an inspirational journey of discovery and action, but the path you take is up to you. The more impact you have in the real world, the more points you’ll earn and the faster you progress through the levels.
Protecting our planet is a serious business - but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Combining an interactive 3D environment with games, puzzles and real world challenges, Genus missions allow our agents to have fun while saving the planet.
As well as completing solo missions, agents can join forces and complete missions together. Not only is this more fun, it delivers more impact, much faster. You’ll be amazed how many other agents are out there!
Every mission is designed to help the planet and every success is rewarded. Agents earn points for completing missions, which they can use to upgrade their Genus experience. It’s time to level up - how far can you go?
On a typical journey, a fully-committed Genus Agent could save:
tonnes of carbon
kg of plastic
kg of household waste
litres of water
kW of electricity
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Genus in action
Immerse yourself in the Genus world and discover how to save the planet.
Create your own personalised Genus Agent avatar.
Find missions to complete and get Genus coins.
Save the planet - one mission at a time
Genus is divided up into four immersive worlds, each containing missions suited to different age groups. Each world is set in a specific ecosystem, with missions covering important areas like threatened species and environments, causes of climate change and waste reduction. When enough missions are completed, agents receive an award for their efforts - something they can wear with pride, knowing they’ve had a positive impact on our planet.
Ages 8-11
Water is critical to our survival. It covers 70% of the planet's surface, it drives weather and climate systems, and no life can survive without it.
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Ages 5-7
Ages 12-15
Ages 16-18
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Be awarded for your impact
Become recognised as a regional champion as you level-up and earn points, badges and awards.
Turtle Award
Year 3
Dolphin Award
Year 4
Octopus Award
Year 5
Shark Award
Year 6
Make your impact
Genus Lite
  • Entry level access to Genus
  • Basic functionality and experience
  • Limited to 3 free missions
  • Connect with friends
  • Limited customisation options
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Genus World
per month
  • Access all areas
  • Full functionality and experience
  • Unlimited missions
  • Connect and collaborate with friends
  • Full customisation
  • Seasonal and yearly awards
  • Special challenges and competitions
  • Join clubs and group missions
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Genus for Schools - free for 2022
Genus also has a product dedicated to schools, with curriculum-aligned lessons and engaging content to make  students and schools more sustainably-focussed.
Is Genus a game?

Genus is not a game as most people think of one. It's not a video game, but it is fun, and our Agents will feel like they are playing.  The goal of Genus is to make sustainability fun, engaging and rewarding for young people. We have designed the platform to include principles of gamification, like reward, levels, points, collaboration and competition. Our young Agents can enter an immersive and engaging online world, where they have an avatar of their own. There are lots of fun things to do and lots of new discoveries to make, new challenges and even weekly surprises. While the platform is online, the missions direct the Agents out into the real world, where they get active saving the planet. We call this screen time to green time.

So, is it a game? Kind of....But who said saving the planet couldn't be fun?  

How does Genus help the planet

Our mission is to develop a generation of young people that think instinctively and act decisively for the planet. Each action taken with Genus has a measurable, positive impact on the planet. It starts with education. We provide a framework that promotes critical thinking about sustainability, by understanding the issues and considering practical solutions. By developing students' ability to consider real-world implications for their actions, Genus develops personal responsibility and drives positive behaviour changes and builds real-life skills.

Is Genus educational?

Yes, absolutely. We believe that knowledge is power and thinking is critical. Genus is designed to help develop a deep understanding of sustainability in young people.  

We also offer a Genus for Schools product, that allows teachers to bring sustainability into the classroom. See more on this on our Educators page.

Need to know more?
Are you a potential Genus Change Agent, an interested parent, or an educator looking to learn more? Are you a potential ally, or a future partner? If you are interested in knowing more about Genus, please get in touch.
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