Play The Planet Better

The Genus app combines online fun with sustainable missions for young people. Jump in, level up your avatar, challenge your friends and save the planet! For ages 10-16.
Missions that save the planet
Genus missions inspire, engage and reward young people to save the planet. They're fun, have a direct impact and connect our agents to the real-world. New missions drop each week.
The Genus World
Ready to level-up?
Enter an immersive world as a Genus Agent, where your mission is to literally save the planet! Genus will set you on an inspirational journey of discovery and action, but the path you take is up to you. The more impact you have in the real world, the more points you’ll earn and the faster you progress through the levels.
Be awarded for your impact
Become recognised as a regional champion as you level-up and earn points, badges and awards.
Turtle Award
Year 3
Dolphin Award
Year 4
Octopus Award
Year 5
Shark Award
Year 6
Need to know more?
Are you a potential Genus Change Agent, an interested parent, or an educator looking to learn more? Are you a potential ally, or a future partner? If you are interested in knowing more about Genus, please get in touch.
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