Our Story

At Genus, we are building a community of engaged and active young people, confident and passionate in their role as planet-savers.  

When it comes to the environment, knowledge is power and thinking is critical. But nothing changes without action, so our platform takes learning further - into action. We provide an online framework for young people to learn about our environment and the means to act on its behalf, having fun on the way.

We are making it easy, fun and rewarding for kids to save the planet. This is the gamification of sustainability.

What is Genus?

Genus is an awards program, delivered through a gamified app, blending online and real-world activity to develop and reward sustainable behaviour in children.

Impact First
All of the activities in our framework drive positive environmental impact, are measurable, and we will report your impact back to you – we celebrate the wins!
Our schools content is linked to curriculum learning outcomes, covering  sustainability at the same time as other subjects like English and STEM. Real-world activities reinforce learning.
Game-based learning is fun. It uses interactive, collaborative problem solving scenarios to improve learning and develop critical thinking.
A force for good
We walk the walk and we always hold ourselves accountable. We will be a responsible global citizen, a fair employer and an ethical, progressive organisation at all times.
Users can work in teams, with friends, or in groups they've never met, or indulge in a little healthy competition – whether that's individual, class, school, state or national level.
Each task has a quantified, measurable impact allocated to it, which is reported at the individual level, as well as class, school, state and national.
Need to know more?
Are you a potential Genus Change Agent, an interested parent, or an educator looking to learn more? Are you a potential ally, or a future partner? If you are interested in knowing more about Genus, please get in touch.
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